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Greens Organic Plants grows organic seedling vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers in biodegradable pots.

Get your hands in the earth, in the soil, hold and connect with the earth and connect with nature.

Get outside of those four electrical walls, out in the sun, the air.

Use our biosoil, rich organic mineral dense (no blood, no bones, no fish) matter.

Soil you're not going to have a fit over your toddler eating and getting her hands on, because it's not factory made with warning labels. It's handmade by a local organic soil expert off of an organic farm in the scenic rim.

Have your plants grown from organically grown seed. Heirloom, open pollinated, Non-GMO, spray free, chemical free.

Fed by rain water and sunlight, as nature intended.

Feel our biodegradable pots made from certified organic wood chip, that plant straight into other pots or the earth as they are, eliminating the risk of transplant shock.

Have vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers right outside your doorstep. A few sprigs of basil within arms reach, no more driving quickly down and paying for a bunch at the supermarket when needed (and heavily sprayed at that).

The connection, the fulfilment of being able to provide for your kitchen meals, your family. The savings, monetary, and health-wise. 

People often come to us and say they've tried and they've failed at growing things. And back years ago when I used factory soils from garden centres, soil that hasn't been mineralised, or crafted to have everything it needs, I failed too. 

But then I learnt about the benefits of using quality organic soil. Try these plants, they are potted with this soil. We have the soil and compost available too, and the best fertiliser knowledge.

If you still feel you need to learn more about having your own kitchen garden, come along to a future workshop.

We have starter and seasonal bundles available also, packed with the easiest to grow varieties put together with their companion plants helping each other grow vibrantly, attract beneficial insects and deterring pests.

We are your Aussie organically grown, environmentally aware supplier of organic seedlings.

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