Broccoli Purple

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Brassica oleracea

Green stalks with small to medium sized purple heads that are ideal for stir-frying or steaming. Purple colour is reduced when cooked. Plant continues producing small heads after each pick. Very nutritious.

Keep the young plants watered and remove weeds. Mulch helps discourage weeds and regulate soil temperature, and several applications of fertiliser or compost may also be needed. If several nights of below freezing temperatures are expected, cover the plants. If they become top heavy as they grow, provide a stake for support.

Harvest the main head while it is still tight, and before the florets begin to turn yellow; cut at least 6" of the stem. Side shoots will continue to develop along the stem, and can be harvested as well; the plant will keep producing as long as weather conditions are favourable.

Grown using organic heirloom open pollinated seed, no sprays, no chemicals in organic nutrient rich soil with gypsum, volcanic rock, minerals and compost in trays. No blood and bone no fish.