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Zea mays

Corn cobs have juicy yellow kernels with excellent flavour. Super sweet, open pollinated variety.

Corn (Zea mays) is a warm season tender annual in the Gramineae family, which contains almost all of the grains and grasses. Corn varieties have been specialized for many uses including sweet corn, popcorn, and flint corn, which is milled into cornmeal.

Corn requires high fertility and deep, well drained fertile soils with a pH between 6.0-6.8. Corn can tolerate heavy soils. Corn is a heavy feeder, fertilize ground well in spring with high-quality compost or a complete fertilizer. For specific nutrient needs and application rate it is always best to have a soil test done before application. Side dress with fertilizer at 12”, or when leaves start yellowing. 

Harvest when ear silks have dried down and when kernels are filled to the tip and have colored up. Corn is generally ready 18-24 days after first silk has formed

For best quality, eat right away. Cool corn to 32°F within one hour of harvest. Corn will hold well for 1-4 days at 32°F and high humidity, but will decrease in sugars more rapidly at higher temps and longer duration.

Common insect pests include Corn Earworm, Armyworm, and European Corn Borer.

Corn is affected by many fungal, bacterial, viral problems. If you have a major concern, notify your local extension agent. Most common occurrences are damping off caused by soil-borne fungi and Stuart’s Wilt (Erwinia) stewartii).

Protect seedlings from slugs and snails.

Grown using organic heirloom open pollinated seed, no sprays, no chemicals in organic nutrient rich soil with gypsum, volcanic rock, minerals and compost in trays. No blood and bone no fish.