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Superb sweet and nutty flavor!

Winter squashes (Cucurbita spp.) are warm season tender annuals in the Cucurbitiacea family, which includes cucumbers, summer squash, melons, and gourds.

Plants need loose, fertile, well drained soil with plenty of organic matter and nitrogen and a pH 5.8-6.8. Fertilize seedlings with fish emulsion if leaves yellow.

Harvest when fruits are full size and have a deep rich color and hard rinds that can’t be easily dented with a finger nail. Changing color of the “ground spot” from yellow to cream, gold or orange is another general indicator of ripeness. To harvest, cut stem at least 2” from the fruit: a short or broken stem can lead to rot. Cure after harvest by keeping in a warm, dry location for a few days then

Store at 50-55°F with 55-75% relative humidity and good air circulation.  Delicata and acorn squash do not need curing, but will not store as long as other varieties.

Bury or compost plant residues at the end of the season.

Powdery mildew can be checked by providing good air circulation. Give plants wide spacing and eliminate weeds, especially milkweed, marshcress and yellowrocket. Choose resistant varieties.

Fruit rots such as anthracnose, scab, and fusarium fruit rot are common under wet conditions. Space plants apart, avoid wetting foliage and water early in the day so that leaves can dry.

Among many great attributes one of the key ingredients Palagonite has an incredible ability to funnel the earths paramagnetic energy through the plant and soil ( The same energy a rain forest operates on ) This not only increases all aspects of plant health and establishment but increases fridge life along with nutritional & medicinal quality's.

Minerals are responsible for flavors in our food, that is the predominant reason supermarket foods lack flavour. I encourage every farmer and urban gardener to mineralise soil to maximize the potential of your garden and unlock the soil.

We have blended and fermented Sets of Beneficial Bacteria through these Minerals to induce Vitality and restoration of the soil, increasing Bioavailability and uptake.

Very noticeable effects on quality and yield.

Best used in Combination with Biodynamic compost

Grown using organic heirloom open pollinated seed, no sprays, no chemicals in organic nutrient rich soil with gypsum, volcanic rock, minerals and compost in trays. No blood and bone no fish.