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Tagetes lucida

An easy to grow perennial, native to Mexico, it prefers full sun and a deep, fertile soil. It grows to 70 cm, producing a cluster of erect stems with long, narrow leaves, 4 cm long and 1 cm wide. Bright golden yellow flowers, 1 cm across, occur in clusters of up to 15 at the top of the plant in summer. The leaves have a distinct aniseed scent and flavour which is similar to French Tarragon but much stronger. Use sparingly as a substitute for French Tarragon in any recipe or make an aromatic tarragon vinegar. Suitable for tropical, subtropical and warm temperate areas. 

Grown using organic heirloom open pollinated seed, no sprays, no chemicals in organic nutrient rich soil with gypsum, volcanic rock, minerals and compost in trays. No blood and bone no fish.