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Brassica rapa rosularis

Very popular Asian variety. Plants form low growing(10cm) rosettes of dark green glossy leaves with pale green/white stems. Leaves have a mild mustard flavour that is commonly used fresh as a salad green or cooked as a vegetable in stir fries and soups.

Is a very popular variety for baby leaf production and produces in around 21 days. Very cold tolerant. Also known as Rosette Pak Choi.

Protect from caterpillars and aphids. Can be harvested at any stage; pick leaves as required. Keep well watered. Plants tend to grow more upright in warm weather and flatter to the ground in cooler weather.

Tatsoi has dark green, spoon-shaped leaves that are tender with a mild mustard-like flavour similar to bok choy.  Tatsoi leaves make a tasty addition raw in mixed salads or cooked briefly as a green vegetable in stir fries and hot pots. 

Choose a growing site for Tatsoi that receives full sun or light shade. 

Tatsoi grows quickly, with plants reaching a size big enough to harvest 7 to 9 weeks after sowing the seed.  Alternatively you can extend the harvest period greatly by only picking a few leaves at a time as needed, leaving the rest of the plant intact.  Harvest the outer leaves first to avoid damage to the central growing point and cut as close to the base of the leaf stalk as possible.

Grown using organic heirloom open pollinated seed, no sprays, no chemicals in organic nutrient rich soil with gypsum, volcanic rock, minerals and compost in trays. No blood and bone no fish.